Into the Storm (2014) Full Movie Download

 Into the Storm (2014)  Full HD Movie Free Download

    In the span of one day, the city of Silverton is ravaged by associate unprecedented  onslaught of tornadoes. the whole city is at the mercy of the erratic and deadly cyclones, whilst storm trackers predict the worst is nevertheless to come back. most of the people ask for shelter, whereas others run towards the vortex, testing however so much a storm chaser can select that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Director: Steven Quale

Writer: John Swetnam

Stars: Richard Armitage, wife Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh.
Type : MKV / Quality : High HD / Size : 786MB / language : English

Into the Storm may be a 2014 yank found footage disaster film directed by Steven Quale, written by John Swetnam, and leading Richard Armitage. The film was discharged on August eight, 2014.
to the Storm (2014)  Story & Synopsis:

A group of highschool students area unit during a automotive along as a storm is production. once the storm gets worse, the youngsters hunt ahead and see a tornado approaching. a woman begs for them to travel, however the boy recording on a camera gets resolute video tape the tornado. He gets back within the automotive, however the tornado picks them up before they will escape, killing all of them.

In the city of Silverton, Oklahoma, the native highschool class is getting ready for graduation. The high school's vice-principal, urban center Fuller, has asked his 2 sons, Trey and Donnie, to record messages from the seniors for a container to be opened in twenty five years. Elsewhere, Pete, a veteran storm chaser, has been making an attempt to intercept and film tornadoes employing a heavily self-propelled vehicle nicknamed Titus, however has return up short all year long. Upon learning of a serious line of developing storms, the chasers confer and judge to go for Silverton in hopes of motion-picture photography tornadoes. when inward in Silverton, the team discovers that the cell they'd been chasing has dissipated, disconcerting Pete. because the team reconvenes to see its next move, the Silverton cell dead strengthens, leading to a storm and tornado. because the team films, the funnel dead shifts course and heads for the highschool.

At the highschool, the senior students area unit taking part in commencement ceremonies once the weather suddenly sours. Moments later, the tornado sirens sound, and therefore the students area unit afterwards marshaled into the varsity building by the pinnacle principal and his workers. within the aftermath of the tornado, jolted students emerge from the broken building to look at the destruction, whereas urban center sets resolute rescue his eldest son, WHO had gone to associate degree abandoned mill to assist an exponent with a project; each were afterwards treed once the tornado brought the building down on them.

As Pete's storm chase team stops during a tiny a part of city, a tornado takes form even as urban center and Trey arrive, destroying many buildings. everybody except urban center and Pete's specialiser Allison Stone create it to safety, whereas the 2 area unit virtually killed before the twister dissipates. Then, when urban center pleads for facilitate, Pete's team comply with facilitate urban center get to the mill. whereas on the way to the mill, another spherical of erratic tornadoes forms and encircles Pete's team, within the method destroying a residential neighborhood and a automotive ton. associate degree explosion turns the tornado into a firenado, that Jacob (Jeremy Sumpter) tries to film, solely to be trapped within the storm and is killed. This causes friction between Pete and his team, as Pete's concern appears to be a lot of on aggregation information than guaranteeing his team's safety. when convalescent their vehicles, Allison leaves with urban center to continue their trip to the mill.
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